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We Invite You To Türkiye for The 23rd International Week for Children With Leukemia
Project Description / Rationale

Every year, over 1 million children worldwide are diagnosed with leukemia, with 1 child getting cancer every 3 minutes.
We have taken a leading role in the prevention and treatment of childhood leukemia globally, envisioning a world without leukemia. We embark on a journey to bring together these children who fight for survival without knowing each other, speaking different languages but sharing the same fate through the "International Week for Children with Leukemia”
In this context, the International Week for Children with Leukemia is held in the last week of May each year, hosted by Turkey and led by LÖSEV, with significant participation. Children and families from around the world, who come to this major event, become guests of LÖSEV and come together throughout the week in planned activities.
We will invite 25 Children with Leukemia aged 6-16 from 25 countries with suitable health conditions. The aim is to unite them with our 25 Children with Leukemia registered in our foundation, providing an opportunity for bonding through a week of activities, sharing experiences related to the disease, and establishing a friendship beyond borders.
While participating in events held in Turkey, the participants have the opportunity to get to know the history and natural beauties of our country closely. Throughout the week, through activities and experience-sharing sessions, both children and mothers lay the foundation for strong solidarity.
The International Children with Leukemia's Week, sponsored entirely by institutions and organizations supporting us with a sense of "Social Responsibility," will bring us closer to our ultimate goal of increasing the success rate in leukemia treatment to 100% and providing our children with the healthy and happy future they deserve.
Organization Details: Template Travel Program / Ankara – İstanbul     
May 27: Arrival to Ankara and rest
May 28: Visit to LÖSANTE Hospital and Festival in the Children with Leukemia's Village, Ankara tour; Castle tour, Rahmi Koç Toy Museum, dinner outside
May 29: Anıtkabir, Ankara tour, Week Reception at Embassy Garden
May 30: Train from Ankara to Istanbul / Rest at the hotel
May 31: Topkapı Palace, , Galataport (shopping), Bosphorus Tour,
June 1: Visit to Miniaturk and   Participation in the Grand LÖSEV Istanbul Festival
June 2: Çamlıca Tower, Digital Museum Tour, Farewell dinner at the mansion or embassy
June 3: Return
  1. Children participating in the week should be between 6-14 years old, at the final stage of his/her treatment or has completed the treatment for childhood leukemia in last 2-3 years. They should not have aplastic anemia, Fanconi anemia, and/or Down syndrome.
  2. Confirmation of definite approval for participation from countries until first week of May 2024, is crucial.
  3. The participation of individuals (including our patients) must be finalized by first week of May.     
  4. Children with Leukemia whose participation is confirmed must submit:
a) "Hospital board report" indicating their illness (or a signed informative letter from a hematologist-oncologist stating their name, address, and email address),
b) Approved/photo identification,
c) Student certificate sample,
d) A copy of treatment protocols,
e) Health reports (hematology or oncology specialist) from the hospitals or doctors stating that the child's illness does not hinder to travel.
  1. Each country will be represented by 1 person (1 mother/1 child). If a companion attends, the participation of mothers as companions is expected. Companions must submit:
a) Photocopy of identification
b) Document proving